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Translation and Interpreting

With over 200 translators and interpreters

Euroservis makes its know-how in the area of translations and interpreting available to its clients, with a team of over 200 translators and interpreters who are highly qualified and well capable of guaranteeing the correct translation of texts and the accurate interpreting from/into more than 85 languages, among them: English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Slovenian, Serbian, Croatian, Bosniac, Russian, Bulgarian, Albanian, Hungarian, Romanian, etc.

All our language services are handled by experts in possession of a translating and/or interpreting diploma or university degree, so as to ensure top quality.

Services offered (in detail):


Economic, legal, scientific, technical, business-related and sworn translations.

Ancillary services

Asseverations, legalizations, proof-reading of already translated material, summaries.


For conferences - simultaneous, consecutive and chuchotage.
For negotiations - services at companies and firms, business negotiations (by phone, online, email).

Techincal services

Such as technical assistance and setup of simultaneous-translation equipment (booths, receivers, event recording).

Conventions and Workshop

Organization of events, seminars, conventions

Euroservis can take care of the setup and all that is necessary for events, conventions and workshops, gatherings on a local or international (and cross-border) level. For important events, our firm collaborates with partners in association with URES-SDGZ, who provide various services, in tandem with over 80 food/catering businesses.