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Establishment and management of institutional models of cross-border connections; legal and fiscal consultations

Euroservis has a proven competence in the area of the setup and management cross-border- connection institutional models, in particular the GECT (Gruppo Europeo di Collaborazione Territoriale – European Group for Territorial Collaboration) and the GEIE (Gruppo Europeo di Interesse Economico – Economic Interests European Group), legal and fiscal consultations included.

What’s a GECT?

GECT is a cross-border cooperation organism with legal being and capacity between two or more territories situated in different EU countries, consisting of public agencies. It was created in order to overcome the difficulties encountered when carrying out and managing territorial cooperation and having to deal with different legislations and procedures, as well as in order to facilitate common tasks. With GECT, municipalities and other participating public agencies can legally organize themselves in a manner that ensures an autonomous existence to the cross-border body, becoming a tool that helps foster cross-border development cooperation between local agencies.

Euroservis supported the first Italy-Slovenia GECT, i.e. the GECT GO between Gorizia, Nova Gorica and Šempeter Vrtojba in the following areas:

  • EU reference regulations and internal regulations concerning enactment;
  • competences attributed to the GECT and sector-specific regulations;
  • preparation of statutory and accounting acts.

Euroservis supports the Municipality of Muggia in the verification and establishment procedures of the first GECT among European countries in the northern Adriatic, in partnership with the Municipalities of Trieste, Koper/Capodistria and Croatian municipalities.

What is a GEIE?

The target of a GEIE – Gruppo Europeo di Interesse Economico (Economic Interest European Group) – is bringing together the knowledge and the resources of economic entities of at least two European Union countries in order to provide support. In 2009 Euroservis established, through its own organization Evropski Center D.o.o., the very first GEIE between Italy and Slovenia: the GEIE Net Europe – It & Public Administration between the autonomous Friuli-Venezia Giulia region and the University of Koper – University Incubator with the presence of Evropski Center D.o.o. An additional GEIE was set up by Euroservis in January 2013 through an Italian-Slovenian public/private partnership with Japanese companies from the sector/s of domotics, energy efficiency and intelligent buildings.

Currently, Euroservis is walking a series of public and private subjects through towards the establishment of future GEIEs between Italy and Croatia, Slovenia and Croatia as well as between Italy, Slovenia and Croatia from an organizational, formal and legal perspective.