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Subsidised financing

Euroservis can aid you in collecting the necessary resources (money) to allow you to carry out your project, without which your idea would be just another unrealised dream!

Today companies have three sources at their disposal for attaining funds:

  • personal resources of the company or individual
  • banks
  • subsidised financing

Subsidised financing refers to structural and non-structural funds made available by the European Union, the State, the Regions and public agencies at more favourable terms than those offered by the market.

Subsidised funding was conceived to support innovation and company investments to favour the development of national entrepreneurship by increasing the competitiveness of existing companies and encouraging the founding of new businesses.

On the strength of 15 years’ experience in European projects and a partnership with Innova Finance of Bologna, a specialised company, Euroservis aids companies in using subsidised funding as a tool for accelerating growth and competitiveness.


Above all, personalised scouting!

By means of a European analysis, we carry out personalised research of all contributions, financing and subsidised funding available on the European, national, regional and provincial levels, in accordance with the characteristics of the company: its size, type and geographical location.

Subsequently, Euroservis provides support to the company in planning its investment strategy through personalised consulting which aims to determine the best solution for the client. To this end, we offer two approaches:

  • one-time project development
  • continuous collaboration for Special Clients*

In both cases, Euroservis handles all the project stages:

  • project development: drafting of the project to be submitted, including collection of necessary documentation;
  • submission of the application: presentation of the project on behalf of the company;
  • accounting: precise presentation of expense documentation is necessary for a prompt distribution of funds. Euroservis guides and assists the company in this delicate and important phase;
  • this service is also provided when the project has been drafted and submitted by a third party.

*Development and submission of an unlimited number of projects, with guaranteed results. You too are a Special Client: contact us for details!