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European Projects

European Projects and Financing of Cross-Border and International Collaboration

The European Union’s programmes provide one of the most important tools for boosting development and fostering competitiveness.

One of Euroservis’s goals in this area is sustaining the economic and cultural development of companies and non-profit associations. Our firm has seen over 150 European projects through, all of which have been presented, approved, carried out, financed, brought to conclusion and correctly reported on and certified. Our clients are:

  • government agencies;
  • local territorial agencies (municipalities, Provinces, Regions, government departments);
  • healthcare companies and related structures;
  • research agencies, technology parks, incubators;
  • cultural and sports-related non-profit associations: schools, universities and other learning centres;
  • libraries, theatres, music schools and academies;
  • entrepreneurs’ category associations.

Euroservis provides specialised consultations regarding European projects: technical assistance, writing out and preparation of projects, financial plans and statements for all types of European projects.
is Italy’s only European-projects firm with staff that are bilingual (Italian/Slovenian) and speak at least two more languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Croatian, Serbian, Russian) in order to guarantee efficient communication in the area of cross-border collaboration.

Services and consultations in the area of European projects:

  • search for competition announcements, information and other sources of financing;
  • planning, writing out, presentation and technical management of European projects;
  • search for and coordination of project partners in Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Croatian, Serbia and other countries;
  • monitoring the projects’ activities and their financial plans;
  • administrative and financial management of the projects;
  • midterm and final financial reports.