Euroservis Srl was founded in 2004 as a result of the URES (Unione Regionale Economica Slovena – Slovenian Regional Economic Union) experience.
On account of important international and European collaborations, the firm has attained a fundamental role in EU Projects and cross-border cooperation, supporting the development programmes of companies and organizations.
Euroservis is the only structure of Italy’s Slovenian minority to offer translations, interpreting, event-planning, workshops and conventions in regard to European projects financed by various EU programmes, based on the needs of both commissioners and partners.
We provide services in three different areas:
  • Cross-border and international collaboration European projects and financing;
  • translations and interpreting;
  • internationalization of Italian companies operating abroad;

Euroservis's managers

  •  foto Eric Švab


    President and CEO,
    founding partner

    In 2001 he began to collaborate with URES as manager of the activities of the Europe Division, and in 2004 he was one of the founding partners of Euroservis Srl, of which he is at present President and CEO. Senior project manager and manager of companies’ internationalization and financing.

  •  foto Monica Sabadin


    Vice-president, employee

    In 2011 she began to collaborate with Euroservis. Since 2018 she has been vice-president.





Euroservis Srl
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